Malawi: Man Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison For Theft

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Masulani Samson 22, has been sentenced to seven years in prison with hard labour  for house breaking and theft.

“On 4 May this year, Masulani Samson broke into the house of a kanjeza resident and stole items worth k800 000,” Said Widson Nhlane the assistant police officer at Limbe police station.

After investigations and gathering evidence, the police were able to arrest the suspect and the recovered items were returned to the owners.

The stolen items were presented as exhibitions in court and the suspect pleaded guilty to the charges of house breaking which is contrary to section 309 of the penal code and theft which is contrary to section 278 of the penal code.

Magistrate Makalila sentenced Samson with five years jail  term with hard labour for burglary and two years for theft.

Samson is from Ndongo village T/A  Nsabwe village in Thyolo district.


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