Malawi: Ministry Of Education Changes Primary School Timetable.

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By: Eutycus Yamikani.

Government has changed the timetable for primary school learning in an effort to improve learning achievement in the country effective from 2016/2017 school year.

For instance standard 1 learner’s school day will be starting at 07:30am to 12:00noon from the previous time of 07:30am to 10:40am.

The press statement signed by secretary in the ministry of science and technology reads:

“To improve learning achievement of students in primary schools in line with the education Act 2013, section these changes are ‘significant”.

The letter also highlighted that ‘for a long time now the school day in public schools in Malawi  has been the shortest in this region of Africa, thereby contributing  to the poor achievement of students in Malawi compared to those in the other countries in the region.’

The change is aimed at ‘increasing time on task in order to improve the quality of learning in all schools.’

“The ministry of Education science and technology  therefore invites all education institutions, stakeholders and the general public to be committed in providing their support to ensuring that the policy is complied with.”

However despite the plea, the changes have been met with different views from civil society leaders and teachers at large as they question on whether prolonging the day a pupil spends in class improves the many problems being faced by both teachers and pupils.

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