Malawi: Mother Hangs Herself After Son Accused Her Of Witchcraft

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Rebecca Nyirenda hanged herself after son accused her of witchcraft and killing her husband.

Gift 17, was coming from school when he found his mother dangling in the living room last week on Friday afternoon in Baluti village. Shocked, Gift screamed calling neighbors to come and see. The case was later reported to the police.

“Earlier that morning Gift had a quarrel with his mother whereby he ended up accusing her of witchcraft and killing his father.” A source told the police. “This ¬†might have made the mother angry to the extend that she saw it better to commit suicide.”

“Rebecca’s husband died of natural causes but her in-laws hated and held her responsible for her husband’s death. Her son Gift was the only reason she had for living so when he accused her of such a thing, she lost hope.” Another source said.

Gift disappeared the same day his mother died, until today no one knows where he is. Rabecca was buried by strangers on Sunday.



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