Malawi: MP Kalindo Faces Expulsion From DPP After Naked Demos.

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This might sound bizarre, but the truth is that, the Member of Parliament for Mulanje South, Boniface Kalindo, his days are numbered in the ruling party.

Barely few days after taking into the streets of Lilongwe protesting against the rampant killings of the people living with albinism, the Member of Parliament faces a disciplinary hearing or being expelled from the ruling party, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Kalindo was attending his party’s rally on Saturday at Limbuli in Mulanje where all the drama started. As he was still there, it is alleged that the officer in charge for Mulanje Police Station came and told him to leave the place and go back home.

According to Honourable Kalindo, he said the Officer in Charge told him that his life was in danger.

“I was told by the Officer in Charge that I should leave the place citing that my life was in danger. I was escorted by the police in a distance of about 15km away from the rally”, said Kalindo.

The MP organised “semi-naked demonstrations on Thursday, 23rd June demanding the government to impose death sentences on those found guilty of killing and abducting people living with albinism.

During the rally organised by the ruling party in Mulanje, the home district of the MP, the DPP gurus dressed down the MP in the presence of the president of the Republic of Malawi, HE Peter Arthur Mutharika, saying that what he did was wrong and he is not considered as a DPP member again.

“What the MP did is a serious issue which the president and the government of Malawi are putting proper measures to deal with the situation. We no longer consider him as a DPP member because he went ahead with the demonstrations without the concert of the party”, said regional governor for the South, Charles Mchacha.

The governor further said that they tried to talk to him on several occasions not hold demonstrations but he couldn’t listen.

Kalindo was angry with the brutal killings of the people living with albinism in Malawi. He therefore organised these peaceful semi-naked demonstrations to force the government to fully punish the perpetrators with life imprisonment sentences.

Death penalty is one of Malawi’s laws.


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