Malawi MPs Wants Death Penalty On Albino Killers.

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As one way of curbing the horrible spate of discriminatory and ritual  killings of people living with Albinism, Malawian members of parliament have asked the house to review the death penalty so that those found guilty of killing albinos must face the law

Albinos in Malawi are being hunted like animals for their body parts which are believed to be used for rituals.

Malawian MPs are concerned with the rapid increase of deaths of albinos in the country.

“If we don’t take this issue seriously, then there will be no albinos remaining in this country. We have to act fast and deal with the matter accordingly. Those who have been found guilty should be given stiffer punishment”, said some MPs in the Parliament.

The Mulanje Bale Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  Member of Parliament, Victor Musowa seconded the motion saying if it has been reviewed it will help to deter the would-be offenders from committing the same offence.

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs said they will discuss this issue next week as they are preparing to hold a meeting with stakeholders and he will bring the feedback before the end of the Parliament.

Last week in Mzuzu, the northern city of Malawi,  the High Court through judge Dingiswayo Madise sentenced a 33 year old man to life imprisonment after being found guilty of attempting to kill a 11 year old boy living with albinism.

This was the first victim to be slapped with a life sentence in relation to this horrible spate of ritual killings of albinos.

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