Malawi: Nurses Stage A Strike at Mwanza District Hospital

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Mwanza District Hospital workers including nurses, on Tuesday staged a strike as part of their demand to have District Health Officer(DHO) Ralph Pitingu and District Nursing Officer (DNO) , transferred for allegedly illtreating them and other Junior members of staff.

They were protesting that Piringu has been ill treating the staff and that they are not working in peace,

“The strike is to get over a message to authorities about what is happening here and to get the message to the government that Piringu must go!” A nurse told the press.

Another nurse cites the transfer of their colleague from the hospital over “petty issues” which has led to those remaining at the facility to over-work as the hospital has less than 40 nurses now.

“With the termination of locum, we are working as slaves” a nurse said.

Mwanza District Hospital Spokesperson Dikilani Chadza confirmed the sit-in strike and said the District Hospital management and officials from the nurses cousil of Malawi are meeting to resolve the differences.

With already poor heath service, many of the people using the hospital have not noticed a huge difference with the strike.

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