MALAWI: Passengers Who Drowned On Lake Malawi With The Tanzanian Cargo Boat Identified.

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 Authorities in Malawi have released the names of the passengers who are feared dead on Lake Malawi after the boat which they were travelling in drowned in Lake Malawi during the early hours of Saturday morning.

According to Nkhata Bay police spokesperson, Ignatius Esau said the victims were travelling with MV Mapeza from Mbamba Bay in Tanzania enroute to Nkhata Bay jetty in the northern region district of Malawi.

Esau said all the eleven passengers were Tanzanian nationals and were ferrying business cargo to Malawi.

The names of the victims who were in the boat are;

Benjamin Seme, Ashura Shaban, Gloria Kaunda, Frodon Mwamlenga, Ramadhani Mfauma, John Komba, Mussa Selemani, Vicheko Mkwanya, Haji Jailosi, Geoffrey Utonga and Chimon Lukas.

News Watch Reviews understands that on the material day of the incident, one of the crew members called Mr Shadreck Mpata and told him that they were sailing under very difficult conditions due to the south-eastern  (mwera) winds.

South-Eastern winds (mwera) on Lake Malawi.
South-Eastern winds (mwera) on Lake Malawi.

“The boat is full of water and our lives are in danger, our boat can sink anytime from now. Please we need help from that side”, that was the last call before their demise.

Upon receiving this information, Mr Shadreck immediately reported the matter to the police who organised a rescue team and also provided an engine to the boat that was used in trying to rescue the eleven people.

Search was conducted on the lake but the boat and the people couldn’t be located, only three dozens of powder that is believed to have been part of the cargo was seen floating on the lake.

The South-Eastern (mwera)  winds occur immediately before and occasionally during a Chiperoni outbreak. Lake Malawi is normally affected by the Mwera winds due flat and obstruction of free nature of its surface, allowing winds of considerable strength to develop. The onset of Mwera wins can be quiet sudden causing a rapid deterioration in the condition of the late itself.

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