MALAWI: Pastor Claims World War Three Is Coming

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Pastor Chikumbutso Levson from  Kanjeza, claims another world war is on its way and this time it will lead to the end of this world.

“When God destroyed sinners with flood in the days of Noah, he promised to never destroy mankind with water again, he said this time it would be fire. Its true, I’ve seen it in my visions, I’ve seen this world in ashes, in ruins. Nations will rise against Nations, another world war is on its way. The time to pray for peace is no more, its time you each pray for your salvation. Its time you turn to Christ Jesus before its too late for you.” Pastor Levson said in an interview with News Watch Reviews on Thursday.

“Christians have talked about the end of this world for years now, those who don’t believe are even mocking. But let me take this oppotunity to warn you peaople and somehow open your eyes, God is still on his mercy seat hoping a few lost souls would somehow decide to turn to him. That’s the reason why this world still exist after all its afflictions and abominations. But once the few saints are taken in the Rupture, ” WAR” to those who will be left behind, God will then be on his judgment seat, there will be no mercy. Your time is now, turn to Christ now, the choice is yours, choose the right place for your soul. The world and its pleasures shall all vanish, this human flesh will decompose but your soul, your soul has a destination, and its up to you to choose that destiny. All the signs of the end the bible speaks of have already happened. We are living in the extra days for God is rich in mercy.”Pastor Levson said.

His followers claim Pastor Levson is a true man of God always preaching about salvation and it is alleged miracles always happen in his ministries.


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