Malawi Police Confiscate Plastic Bottled Beers.

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Police in the northern district of Malawi, Nkhata Bay, have confiscated banned plastic bottled beers from shops around the district.

Nkhata Bay police officers on April 29, 2017 conducted an operation within the boma and other surrounding trading centers that was aimed at confiscating the banned liquor following  the ban of plastic-bottled spirit beers by the Malawi Bureau of Standards.

“We can confirm with you that we conducted an intensive operation on the said date to curb the on going illegal business which has been banned by the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS), said Nkhata Bay Police publist Ignatius Esay.

At the end of the exercise, the following were confiscated:

(1) 31 cartons of Double Punch, 38 cartons of Premier Gin, 119 cartons of Right choice, 3 cartons and 23 bottles of Galaxy, 2 cartons of Golf, 1 carton of Win, 17 (5liter bottles) of Premier Gin and 19 (5 liter bottles) of Green Rock – confiscated from Mr. Gerald Ngondo 38 years of Kampala Uganda, but plies his trade at Nkhata Bay boma.

(2) 2 cartons of Wine and one carton of Premier Gin – confiscated from Mr. Gerald Moyo, 30 years of Mputa village, under Traditional Authourity Chikulamayembe in Rumphi district, also has his business in Nkhata Bay.

(3) 7 (5liter bottles) of Premier Gin that was found abondoned at Mkondezi trading centre.

According to the district’s publist, Esau, said all the confiscated liqour is being kept at Nkhata Bay police station waiting for officials from Malawi Bureau of Standards who will have a final say on the matter.


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