Malawi Police Deems Kamlepo’s Missing As “Fake Abduction”.

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Malawi Police have deemed the re-appearance of Kamlepo Kalua as a fake abduction following his missing a week ago.

Police said they will investigate the Honourable member with regards to this matter until they find out the reasons behind this faked activity as well as those who aided him to accomplish this fake abduction.

Malawi Police have released a press statement informing the nation that the Honourable Member of Parliament of Rumphi East Constituency has been found spick and span in Blantyre on Sunday, April 7.

“Nonetheless, Honourable Kalua claims that he was abducted for unspecified reasons by unknown people who tortured and later dumped him at Kwacha round about in Blantyre’, reads part of the statement.

However Police investigations of the Honourable’s claims prove otherwise basing on the facts they gathered from the day he re-appeared.

Their statement says someone abducted would not have time to spit and polish, shaving their beard, cleaning their clothes and looking as smart as the Honourable member was found at Kwacha roundabout in Blantyre.

“Someone who claims torture would have marks to prove that they were indeed subjected to torture but Honourable Kamlepo Kalua was found with no single mark that would have otherwise substantiated his claim”, the statement continued.

It further expounded that the parliamentarian claims that he was picked from Chileka on the alleged abduction day at a site where he is constructing a house, police interviewed the workers at the site who revealed that three months have elapsed without the Honourable member showing up at the site.

With Honourable Kalua’s case in mind, the Malawi Police Service wishes to remind the general public that giving the police false information is an offence. If the Honourable member has some issues, he better come out in the open and say it other than implicating and tarnishing the reputation and image of others through false claims.

Soon after finding him with hands and legs tied, the Peoples Party (PP) vice president said he doesn’t know the people who abducted him and moreover he doesn’s know the place he was kept all this time.



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