Malawi Police Nets 21 People During A Sweeping Exercise.

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In a move to make a protected and secure a superior Malawi for all, police in Dowa have arrested 21 individuals on a clearing execise led on sunday, June 17, 2016, this year.

As per Dowa Police Relations Officer, Sergeant Richard Kaponda said the operation was aimed at finding miscellenous criminal acts potrayed in the boulevards of the district.

“We need to clean our district with the goal that individuals ought to live securely. There has been an expansion in number of criminal activities in the area, so we need to check the circumstances and arrest all perpetrators”, said Richard.

Upon the arrival of the operation, the group of Police officers that was driven by the station officer for Dowa police headquarters, Superintendent Cosmas Chidothi cleared areas of Nalunga, Njati and Dowa trading centre where they arrested 21 suspects of which only one is a lady and the rest are men.

All the 21 suspects who are aged between 15 to 49 will appear in court soon to answer diverse offences of Rogue, Vagabond, Operating a bar without License, working a bar outside allowed hours and acquiring a living through prostitution.



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