Malawi Police Sends Stiff Warning To Albino Killers.

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The Malawi Police in Kasungu have warned perpetrators of albino killing and the general public that it will be aggressive in dealing with those involved.

Senior Deputy Commissioner, Hannings Mlotha said at a solidarity march in Kasungu, ‘Police will leave no stone unturned in order to uproot and end the malpractice.’

“We are taking this as something very serious, we are raising awareness to members of the public that this is a form of evil, which needs to be rooted out,

“For us to identify, apprehend and bring the perpetrators before court of law, we need the communities’ support,” said Mlotha.

He further urged the public to condemn in strongest terms, join hands and report to the police, if they notice anything unusual to end the malpractice.

Speaking for colleagues with albinism, Taonga Simukonda condemned and described the act as foreign saying shedding blood of a human being cannot bring success, but only hard work.

Simukonda recognized the Malawi Government and NGOs for standing up against the act.

Kasungu has recently, registered six cases of abduction, killing and exhumation of remains of people with albinism, out of 18 cases across the country.

Among the activities on the day was a big walk from the District Council to Kasungu Community Ground led by Police Band, traditional, religious, political leaders, and people from different government departments and NGOs.

It was Organized by Malawi Police Service in collaboration with Judiciary, NICE,CCJP among other stakeholders.

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