Malawi Police Worried Over The Increase In Suicide And Excessive Drinking Deaths.

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Police in Mzuzu have expressed worry over amplified rates of suicide deaths in the region over irrelevant issues. These deaths occuring are either by hanging or excessive beer drinking on empty stomachs.

According to the findings from the Police in the city, few days into August has seen three sudden deaths being registered of which two were by hanging and one by taking alcohol on a void stomach.

On 05th this month at Kazando area, Mr Wilson Pinifolo 42 years of Ndunde village in the area of Traditional Authority Njema in Mulanje hanged himself for unknown reasons. Pinifolo was working for Mr Paul Msozi and in the wake of getting his July pay he vanished and his body was found hanging the next morning.

The other incident occured on August 4, 2016 Mr Chiukepo Mhone, 28 of Zamtuwa Nyirenda village in the area of Traditional Authority Kampingo Sibande in Mzimba died at Sonda after hanging himself with a mosquito net. Circumstances of his death were not known

The borne of level headed discussion was the revelation enhanced by his wife that the second envisioned child in the family is not his.

By virtue of such disclosure the family separated and Mhone went to stay at his home where he hanged himself upon arrival.

On 03rd August, another man died suddenly subsequent to taking brew on a void stomach at Ekwendeni.

The deceased was Victor Chisale, 65 years and he hailed from Botolo village in the area of Traditional Authority Chikumbu in Mulanje district.

Just as that are not enough, last month on the night of 25 th July 2016 unidentified man collapsed after taking too much beer on an empty stomach in the city hand e was pronounced dead upon reaching Mzuzu Central Hospital.

Police said these deaths can be avoided if all Malawian citizens can drink responsibly and share their problems with families for better solutions and advice.

Meanwhile, Police are calling upon the public to not committ suicide for it is not a solution but adds more problems to the families left behind. Therefore people are urged to seek counseling from relevant stakeholders on how to manage stress.



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