Malawi: President Mutharika Says There Will Be No Death Penalty For Albino Killers

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Malawi president, Peter Mutharika has warned all people involved in crimes against people with albinism that they will face life imprisonment when apprehended.

This comes after his government has insisted that it will not reintroduce death sentence despite calls by different individuals and other non-governmental organizations to implement the penalty on all albino killers.

Speaking when he was inspecting roads in Zomba, Mutharika disclosed that government has introduced the measure in order to end crimes against people with albinism in the country.“Anyone who will be found killing people with albinism should know and expect life imprisonment if apprehended,” he said.Peter MutharikaPeter Mutharika says life imprisonment beckons for albino attackers.

Recently, the High Court in Mzuzu sentenced a man to life imprisonment for being found guilty of killing a person with albinism.

On development, the Malawi leader promised people living in the city of Zomba that government is to undertake various projects in the city.“Government has planned to undertake several activities in the city including building of a new stadium, shopping mall, new market at Mpunga and installing street lights among others,” Mutharika said.

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