Malawi: Salima District Council Drafts Intergrated Water Resource Management Plan.

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Salima district council with monetary help from the Scottish government through the Voluntary Overseer services has drafted a comprehensive Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) plan for the More Action for Just Initiatives (MAJI) project being excuted in the district.

Speaking on Friday, July 22, 2016 during the sidelines of a two day workshop Voluntary Overseer service’s natural resources coordinating officer; Esther Bakiza said the plan is a milestone in approaching communities.

“With the initiatives and expertise depicted in the plan it will be easy to advocate for water resource management mostly during this time when climate change has taken over our sphere”.

“This plan is more than just a guidance for stakeholders to follow but it also depicts a wide range of strategies on how to tackle some unfolding situational hiccups in the global climatic sphere”. Said Bakiza

Bakiza, a Ugandan nationality further bemoaned lack of such documents at national level, citing the delay in enacting the climate change policy as a blow as far as the fight towards climate stabilization is concerned.

In his remarks District Forestry Officer; Samuel Phiri whose sector plays a leading role in implementing the forestry policy thanked Voluntary Overseer Services for facilitating formulation of the plan saying it will go a long way in complementing government’s efforts in natural resources management.

Phiri has since called upon stakeholders in the district to assist his sector in the fight against production and smuggling of illegal forest products in the district.

Aimed to foster working holistically to achieve sustainable use and management of natural resources amongst stakeholders in the district; the workshop was also geared at seeking policy guidance from government sectors.



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