Malawi “The Flames” vs South Africa’s Bafana Bafana

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With the new crew in the field of play, the Malawian national football has been continuing with their miserable and disappointing performance in all competitions they have participated so far..

Songs have been sung, “Malawi sidzamva”, “Malawi sidzatheka”, and yet nothing has changed. What is going to happen if Malawi meet Bafana Bafana..?

The Malawi national, popularly known as “the flames”, has failed to show its instincts on the continental platform in all their games.

The team which was loved by many has been booted out in two main continental competitions. They were first booted out from AFCON qualifiers which will be hosted in Gabon, the same story happened in Namibia when they were booted out from COSAFA castle Cup.

When we cast back our minds, we will see that the name “flames” meant a lot to the Malawi nation and the jersey was respected by those who wore it. The names of great players, the likes of Lawrence Waya, Happy Lungu, John Maduka, Patrick Mabedi, Chancy Gondwe, Young Chimodzi, Ernest Mtawali, just to mention a few, made the logo on the jersey to be respected.

There is pandemonium and anger in Malawi as supporters are still trying to come to terms with the disgraceful national team.

The flames enjoys a lot of government sponsorship deals and an endorsement deal from global brewing company, Carlsberg, but it has failed to produce results which can make Malawian supporters happy. Players have been recycled and reshuffled, coaches have been fired and hired, but the song doesn’t change.

If we look at the performance of Malawi, we cannot dispute that they have similarities with the national team of South Africa. Bafana Bafana’s performance has also been a disgraceful in all continental platforms. The team has failed to qualify for major continental and world competitions in recent years. Coaches have been fired, players have been recycled and reshuffled, but nothing has yielded a positive result.

The Bafana Bafana coach, Shakes Mashaba has also admitted that the team has problems which needs to be sorted out urgently if they want to win trophies. The national team is in Namibia participating in Cosafa Cup. Their first game with Lesotho ended in a post match penalties.

Shakes said the national team goal scoring is a nation wide problem. Since the retirement of Benni Mc Carthy, Lucas Radebe, Doctor Khumalo, Andre Arendse, Phillip Masinga, just to mention a few, the teams performance has been awkward.

If the two teams meet now, neither grass, nor nets will suffer, but their legs. Goal keepers will stand tall between the goal posts without catching or saving a single ball, because their striking force is blunt.

I hope there will be a chance one day when these two blunt teams will lock horns and see who will survive and come out of the field of play with both legs.

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