Malawi Tobacco Market Opens after a Week Suspension

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 By our Reporter

Tobacco selling at the auction floors beginning last Monday, started on a good note after a week-long suspension for the market following disagreements between farmers and buyers on prices.
The Chief Executive Officer of Malawi’s Tobacco Control Commission (TCC), Albert Changaya said Tuesday in the capital Lilongwe that farmers are now happy because the buyers have started offering fair prices, fetching at least US$1.40 per kilogram and up.

“This is encouraging and much better than what was put on the table last week. We hope this trend will continue where we will have good prices for the leaf,” he said.

Last week, buyers were offering prices as low as US$0.80 cents and below per kilogram of the country’s green gold, a situation, which prompted farmers to chase buyers away from the market, hence the suspension of sales.

Tobacco is the major foreign exchange earner for Malawi.Nothing else.

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