Malawi: Ulemu Msungama Suggests A 25 Year Jail Term For CD/DVD Burners.

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The member of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which is also the Malawian main opposition party, Ulemu Msungama has proposed that the individuals who copy CDs/DVDs illegaly should be sent to prison for about 25 years so that this theft issue can be curbed.

Taking his disappointment to facebook, Msungama said the law must be passed on whosoever is found possessing any pilfered media property.

“How I wish a law was passed that whosoever is found in possession of a copied Compact Disk (CD) be it a vendor or a listener be sent in a correctional facility for 25yrs Imprisonment with Hard Labour”, read part of the statement.

“Truly we are slaughtering music in Malawi and I feel sorry for our indigenous artists with all the much exertion and ability just to see a vendor offering a Disk at MK300?”, he retariated.

He further said that he has pulverized some Compact Disks of one of the seller around the local area who was offering pilfered discs of Lulu’s new collection.

“I am sorry folks to say this, I have destroyed some pilfered CDs somewhere which were being sold by a vendor. These pilfered Compact Disks belongs Lulu’s new collection. I wish the legislature can actualize a stiffer law with the goal that this issue can be curbed”, he said.

His sentiments were concurred by numerous individuals including the United Democratic Front (UDF) member of parliament, Honorable Lucius Banda.

Lucius Banda - I am fed up with piracy.
Lucius Banda – I am fed up with piracy.

The MP said this piracy issue makes him feel lazy to go into the studio to record a collection only for somebody to build a house.

“Thats why I ¬†feel lazy to go into the studio to record an album only for somebody to build a house. We have tried to address this issue, crime is an improper wrongdoing, such crimes are difficult to control because what stops them is inside a man’s subconscious and if I’m not mistaken this word conscious does not exist in numerous malawians hearts”, said Lucius.

Alot of Malawians are in support of this recommendation refering to that theft is murdering artists in Malawi.

These Malawians are urging the government to charge these people with counts of selling counterfeit media without the permission of copyright holders so that artists should enjoy the fruits of their hard working, money and energy spent on their albums.



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