Malawi: “We Are Living In Days Of Sodom And Gomorrah, Anytime This World Will Be Destroyed” A Pastor Claims!

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A Blantyre-based Pastor, Leonard Chimunda claims any day this world will be destroyed, he says what happened in the bible back in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah in happening in this gensration and its a great sign that this world is close to Doom’s day!

“The Bible in Luke says as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah so shall it be when the son of man shall come! Let’s look back, what really happened back in the days of Lot? What caused God’s wrath to the extent that he decided to destroy everything? Man married each other, there was just so much sin! Let’s come back to our time? What’s happening? There’s so much crime,  there’s so much corruption, gays and lesbians are given the right to marry, in fact Sodom Gomorrah has become so much better compared to this generation we are living in. Do you think God is happy with all that is happening upon the earth? No he isn’t! And trust me when I say one of these days he will show his wrath and woe to those who are still living in sin, Doom’s day is near!” Pastor Chimunda said on Thursday afternoon in an interview with News Watch Reviews.

Chimunda is the Pastor at Church of Christ  and his followers claim he is a true man of God who is only after saving lost souls.

“Pastor Chimunda is a true man of God, we’ve seen wonders happening in the church, many people repent and turn to Christ because of him,” One of his followers Chisomo Mayenda said.

“He is after lost souls not money or fame! He is always preaching about how people can turn to Christ and be saved before its too late,  not even for a single day has he ever preached about prosperity. I believe all that he says is true, surely Doom’s day is near and soon this world will pass.” Mayenda said.

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