MALAWI: Welcome To Nkhata Bay, The District Of Love.

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Before I share with you this good news about this district, there are some questions which you need to answer wherever you are.

Have you ever visited Malawi..?

If you have done so, have you ever gone down to Nkhata Bay to have some fun…?

If not, then you have missed a lot of things in your life. Try to visit this district and bring back good memories.

Nkhata Bay is a district found in the northern part of Malawi along the shores of Lake Malawi.

This is the district where things are happening, indeed a place where great things do not miss.
Welcome to the district of the Tonga people, who are known as the loving and peaceful people you will ever meet.

People found in this beautiful district are known as “The Tonga”, and the common language spoken by many is called “Chitonga”. How simple does that language sound…? Its a language which every tourist would like to learn, its simple and interesting.

Any person you will meet, they will show you smiles on their faces and kind words from their mouths.
“Takulondeliyani alendo”, (that’s welcome our visitors). That is the character of the Tongas, welcoming their visitors so that they should also feel at home. You can also talk to anyone, if you are lost, don’t worry, they will escort you peacefully.

When you visit this place, you will never regret in your life, but great memories will forever make his in history in your life.
People from this district depend on agriculture and fishing as their main source of income and food. Their most grown crops in the district are, maize, cassava, bananas and rice.

Most of the Tonga people grow maize for income, and cassava is their main source of food. The cassava is first being peeled off, soaked, dried, and then they pound it and its ready to make hard porridge known as “sima”, (that’s in Tonga).

Being along the lake, there a lot of things which attracts tourists and anyone who spends his or her holidays there.
Beautiful scenery, with evergreen  mountains and valleys a story of the day.

Mkuwazi mountain in Nkhata Bay.
Mkuwazi mountain in Nkhata Bay.

The proverb which says “distance plus dressing makes beautiful”, is not applied in this district, the closer you go, the more beautiful it becomes. Standing on Mkuwazi mountain, looking down at the rubber plantations and the Lake on the other side makes you forget where you came from.

After moving up and down visiting different places in the district, you will also enjoy great moments at the beaches along the shores of the “Lake of Stars”.

Beautiful Waters of Lake Malawi.
Beautiful Waters of Lake Malawi.

There are perfectly positioned lodges and beaches on the cliffs which gives a good camping site. Beaches from this district offers great and good accommodations for tourists, security is there utmost priority for their visitors.

Why can’t you come and enjoy barbecued chambo fish, diving, fish eagle feeding and climbing hills up and down to the other lodges..? Chikale beach, Makuzi beach, Njaya lodge, Backpackers lodge, Butterfly lodge, Kande beach just to mention a few, these beaches and lodges are incredible and they offer great services.

A lot of people in the world think that football is the only entertaining sport, no ways, come down to this district and find out what your fellow tourists spend their time on.
Malipenga, Chilimika and Honala are the most popular dances practiced by the Tonga people and they attract everyone’s eyes and minds.

Malipenga dance in Nkhata Bay.
Malipenga dance in Nkhata Bay.

Chilimika, (meaning year) is danced by women and young girls at the end and beginning of the  year. Thus during Christmas and New year cebrations. Malipenga is also danced by men and young boys during school holidays, while honala is danced during any celebrations, in weddings, social gatherings and other ceremonies.

Welcome to Nkhata Bay and enjoy your holidays in the waters of the beautiful lake, and with beautiful species of fish.

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