Malawi:10 people Arrested for Murdering an Albino

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By our Reporter

Police in Mponela have arrested 10 people in Madisi and Lilongwe for the offence of murdering an Albino girl aged 21.

The brief facts is that one of the suspect went to Dedza to his elder brother to take the albino girl by advising his relatives that he had found the job for her, but since the suspect was responsible for the Albino’s school fees he was given the albino girl. but upon reaching Madisi it took just few days to hear  that the girl has been  killed  and some of her bones have been removed.And later the  girl was buried  near Mpale estate.When farmers at the estate were busy farming they realized that there was a graveyard and they immediately called police  and  medical personnel(name withheld) who failed to realize that it was the body of an albino but concluded that it was an old person since it was in  a decomposed soil.

After investigations police gathered information that in Madisi there was an Albino visitor who was missing.The police went straight to the guardian to find out about the missing girl.With strong questions,the guardian  told the police officers that it was indeed true that he had an albino visitor from Dedza but she is back in Dedza,However the police didnt understand this,they still took him to Dedza to verify if the girl was indeed there.While in Dedza the police just found that the girl wasnt there at all.This made a big suspect to confess that he and his friend killed the albino because  her bones were wanted in Lilongwe.

CID personnel went to Lilongwe where they arrested everyone who was involved to this murder.

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