Malawi:A 32 year old Man Arrested for Thrusting an Innocent Person

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By our reporter


The Malawi Police in Mzuzu  on April 18, 2016 arrested  a 32 years old man identified as Steve Maluwa of Natunga village in the area of Traditional Authority Bwananyambi in Mangochi district who is among the three men wanted by police for allegedly attacking a business man  at Enukweni  trading centre  and stabbing him three times up to the the extent  of exposing victim’s intestines.

Mzuzu police relations officer, Martin Bwanali, identified the victim as Mark Chisale, 33yrs, of Maninga village in the area of Traditional Authority Nyambi  in Mangochi district.He is based at Enukweni trading centre where he runs a grocery shop.

It is alleged that on April 01, 2016, the victim closed his shop at about 1800hours heading back home for his house which is just afew metres away from his shop. While on his way he met three men who were not strange in his eyes, they blocked his way and started assaulting him.In no time, a sharp knife was produced which was used to stab the victim three times on the forehead, stomach and at his back. The victim felled down and thereafter the three suspects ran away leaving the victim in great pains. After noticing that his intestines were outside, he held them in his hands and shouted for a help. He was  then rushed to Mzuzu Central Hospital by good samaritans where he was admitted.

The matter was reported at Enukweni Police Unit where a file was opened. Investigations to arrest the suspects was launched and on April 18, 2016, one suspect was arrested at Mpamba in Nkhata bay where he was hiding. The other two suspects are still at large and Police is leaving no stone unturned to bring them to book.

The suspect will appear in court soon to answer the charge of Causing Grevious Harm.


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