Malawian Businessman Drowns In Lake Malawi During Birthday Party Celebrations.

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A day which was meant to be a joyful one ended in a tragic way in the northern district of Malawi, Nkhata Bay.

A birthday party celebrations for Vitumbiko Mhango ended on a bad note after one of his friends Mc Donald Chawinga who was celebrating with him at Chikale beach in Nkhata Bay died after he drowned in Lake Malawi.

According to the police report made available to News Watch Reviews by the district’s public relations officer Sergeant Ignatius Esau demonstrates that on September 4, 2016 was the birthday of Mr Vitumbiko Mhango and as such, him together with his friends including the deceased organised a party in Mzuzu.

“Later Vitumbiko and his friends decided to extend their celebrations to Chikale beach in Nkhata Bay”, said Esau.

“The deceased who was a business man in Mzuzu was drunk and later went into the water for a swim but instead he drowned. Efforts to rescue him proved futile as at the time when he was being taken out of the water, was already dead”, concluded Esau.

News Watch Reviews understands that the body of the deceased was taken to Nkhata Bay district hospital where postmortem was conducted and it revealed that death was due to suffocation.

The body is stil lying at Nkhata Bay district hospital’s mortuary since relatives to the deceased are yet to be identified.

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