Malawian Commedian, Daliso Chaponda In Britain’s Got Talent Final.

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He started the auditions by introducing himself where he comes from.

“I come from Malawi. May be some of you don’t know it, its where Maddona adopted her kids. I miss my brothers and sisters”, he joked.

A Malawian commedian who is currently living in Manchester, England, Daliso Chaponda left the judges and audience with tears of laughter during his performance on Friday.

The 37 year old Malawian stand up comedian has had the judges in stitches and is one of their firm favourites as he reached the grand finale of Britain Got Talent which will take place on Saturday, June 3, 2017.

During his semifinal performance, Daliso cackled the audience with a joke about the history of black people.

“I’m black and am happy that things have changed now, 200 years ago this would have been an auction”, he joked.

The joke left judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon leaping out of their chairs in hysterics.

There has never been a comedian winner of Britain Got Talent and ow there will be two in the final: Daliso Chaponda and eight year old Ned Woodman.

Chaponda has receiveda word of encouragement from judges during his audition session and he is expected to win the grand finale and fly high the Malawian flag in UK.

After his semifinal audition, judges applaude his performance and told him that he should be expecting calls from different people to perform at their events.

Daliso Chaponda is a son to the former Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda who also attended his son’s semifinal auditions on Saturday.




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