Malawian Gospel Artist To Launch His Album In South Africa; Thocco Katimba To Grace The Event.

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“When God says yes no-one can say no”, thats what the upcoming gospel artist who went to South Africa to look for greener pastures told News Watch Reviews.

Smart Kamanga, born 35 years ago in Nkhata Bay, the northern region of Malawi will be launching his first gospel album on September 10, 2017 at Honeydew Living Waters Church in South Africa.

Smart said this has been his passion of spreading the word of God through music and its time to show the world the talent God bestowed upon him.

“Long time ago l was part of the group called Jubilee Celebration with artists like Sam Maliza, Frank Chimpanzee, Allan Chirwa and Andy. This helped my passion in gospel music to grow which led me to start my solo project in 2014”, said Smart.

His album entitled “Ndilemekeza Yehova” (I will praise Jehova) consist of 10 songs which he has featured some well known artists from Malawi the likes of Linda Chafulumira in Ambuye mundikhudze and Mwandimenyera Nkhondo which he has featured Allan Chirwa.

Some of the tracks in his CD album which will be recorded by the famous music producer Raph Chin’gamba at Raph Records are; Ndilemekeza Yehova, Mwandimenyera Nkhondo, Ambuye Mundikhudze, Makarurama, Mudzionetsere, Cover me my Lord, No Turning back, Sankha Njira, Tonthora and Gologotha.

Smart further said this music will act as best network to people who wants to unite with God because he has composed nice songs which will inspire everyone who will play it.

“People should expect the most inspiring songs from my album which have been composed with much effort and dedication. I urge all Malawians especially those who reside in South Africa to come and attend this auspicious event”, he concluded


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