Malawian Gospel Artist “Shamuda Drake” To Release His First Album In July.

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Malawians should expect the best gospel hit songs composed by the upcoming gospel artist Shamuda Drake.

Drake, the gospel artist from Nkhata Bay district told News Watch Reviews that time has arrived to show Malawians his musical talent bestowed upon him by God.

According to Shamuda, he grew up spiritually with Christian parents and baptised in Anglican Church, Blantyre, Malawi in the early 80s.

During his childhood days, Drake took part in so many activities at Church one being part of the choir group.

“In 1981 my parents moved from Blantyre to Nkhata Bay, where I joined choir membership in 1990s at Chintheche Anglican and Msuli Anglican respectively. This increased my ambitions of being one of the gospel music star in Malawi”, said Drake.

Drake who also holds Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management (ABMA) and Diploma in Journalism he obtained from Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) said in 2010 he started this music project at Tluso with a producer called George and released two songs; “Agowokiyeni” (which means forgive them) and Mighty Power. The music was loved by locals but local media houses did not play them on air.

“I was disappointed and dumped the music project. In 2015 I started following up my copies and I discovered that media houses did not keep them and they were nowhere to be found”, he said.

After this discovery the gospel musician went back to the drawing board and collected his music diaries. Lucky enough he found them and he thought of going back to a recording studio with a different producer, Dan Salaka (Great Dan) of Likoma Island who encouraged him and appreciated his talent.

“Great Dan, took over the project to come up with a ten track album titled “Agowokiyeni”.

This title talks about forgivenes. When you have Jesus, it is easy to forgive others” hence the tittle Lord forgive them (Agowokiyeni in Tonga), for they do not know what there are doing.

So far three songs are out:


2.Mighty Power and,

3. Ali ngati Msodzi.

He said his inspiration in gospel music career is the late Senzo Mtetwa and back home Chitheka family.

Meanwhile Shamuda is advising young Malawians who are having a vision and ambitions of being gospel musicians not to be discouraged with what happens in their lives, but they should focus and their dreams will be achieved.


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