Malawian Kills A Friend Over Free Beer Drinking In South Africa.

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Graphic image. (Dead person).

A Malawian man identified as Ameki Tembo from Manyamula village in Mzimba is in the holding cells after he was arrested by the Police in Cape Town, South Africa for brutally killing his close friend Watson Mhango from Kafukule in the same district, News Watch Reviews has learnt.

As per news reaching this production from the rainbow country, the two were close friends and on the material day they went to a drinking joint where they had their jovial mood enjoying different beverages.

As they were still drinking, it was discovered that Watson Mhango was just drinking from his companion’s hard earned cash without purchasing any drink. This fueled some contentions between Ameki Tembo and his friend Watson but another friend who accompanied them interceded and they got back to terms once more. Subsequent to drinking they all went seperate ways.

However Mr Tembo was not happy with the compromise they had, he later followed his friend at his home and a battle broke out once more. Tembo was over-powered and he got hold of a knife he was carrying and stabbed his long time friend to death.

The deceased is survived by a wife with a seven month old pregnant and as indicated by our sources she is not working and she is as of now struggling to make the ends meet.



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