Malawian Man Appears In Court For Defiling Three Girls Of The Same Family.

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The Mzuzu Senior Resident Magistrate Court on Monday, June 06, 2016 found a man who defiled three girls of the same house with a case to answer.

The accused was arrested by Police at Luwinga on the allegation that between 26th October and 01st November 2015 at Luwinga location in Mzuzu city had unlawful carnal knowledge of three girls below the age of 16 years.

The  court heard through State Prosecutor Vickness Simwinga that two of the girls aged 10 and 12 years are sisters and the other survivor is their cousin aged 11 years, all survivors stayed in same house.

Parents of the girls and of the accused person knew each other, they were once  long time friendly neighbours in Mzuzu before the demise of the accused person’s parents.

The demise of the accused person’s parents forced him together with his sister to move to their home village in Nkhata Bay.

In 2015 sister of the accused person asked to stay with the mother of the defiled girls in Mzuzu. She told her she could not afford staying in the city on her own and she was allowed to join the family.

Later the same year, the accused person just like his sister, was also called to join the family. The move was necessitated by the unbearable life the accused person was passing through at his home village in Nkhata Bay.

However soon after joining the family, he started defiling the girls after taking advantage of their mother who was a business woman and spent much time in town.

It was heard in court, the accused person started defiling the 10 year old girl on 26 th October 2015.He took her into a house where he undressed her and later on defiled her.

Two days later, on 28th October 2015, another girl aged 12 years was also defiled by the accused person.

The third survivor told the court she was defiled on 01 st November 2015.

The first two survivors did not report the defilement to their parents. Not only did the accused person gave them K100 each to conceal the defilement but they were also warned not to disclose saying disclosure would invite unspecified action.

However, it was  the third survivor who spilled the beans after being defiled. She told her parents about her scenario and indeed about sexual exploitative plight of the other girls perpetrated by the accused person.

The matter was reported to Luwinga Police Unit which referred the survivors to Mzuzu Central Hospital.

Appearing in court, the accused person pleaded not guilty. The plea of not guilty prompted the State Prosecutor to parade nine witnesses to prove the accused was the one who defiled the girls.

In his evidence the Mzuzu Central Hospital based medical practitioner told the court he recorded perforated hymen on all  three girls. The medical practitioner enlightened the Court the perforated hymen which indicated the girls were defiled.

The overwhelming evidence adduced by the State left the presiding Magistrate Austin Banda with no words but to find the accused person with a case to answer.

So far the case returns to court on 09th June 2016 when the accused person  is  expected to defend himself.

Defilement which is contrary to section 238(1) of the Penal Code is among few offences which attract  a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The 20 year old accused person comes from Chulu village, traditional authority Fukamapiri in Nkhata bay district.

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