Malawian Man Brutally Murdered By Unknown Criminals.

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Despite religious groups, the government and other stakeholders preaching the message of love, some are receiving it with deaf ears and keep on doing their merciless actions against their fellow human beings.

Police in Nkhata Bay are looking for unknown people who murdered Mr Soya Mwale who was a fisherman at Kalowa area in the district.

According to the information sourced by the Police from the cousin to the deceased Mr Peter Phiri, indicates that on September 25, 2016 the deceased recieved his wages and went out for a drinking spree at Kalowa together with his friends.

“After he got drunk, he left his friends in the evening going back to his home which was two kilometres away from the drinking place. Surprisingly on the morning of September 26, 2016, he was found lying dead along the M5 road”, said Nkhata Bay Police publist Ignatius Esau.

Esau further told News Watch Reviews that at first it was suspected that the deceased was involved in a road accident but preliminary investigations showed that he was brutally killed and was later dumped on the said road.

The matter was reported to the police and together with medical personnel visited the crime scene where upon viewing the dead body it was observed that the deceased sustained a deep cut on the left side of his head.

Postmoterm conducted revealed that death was due excessive internal bleeding.

The 39 year old deceased hailed from Mpalauta village in the area of Traditional Authourity Zilakoma in Nkhata Bay district.

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