Malawian Man Commits Suicide For Not Making Profits In Tobacco Sales.

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A sombre mood engulfed Kauma village in the area of Traditional Authority Msakambewa in Dowa on Sunday when a 30year old man prompted to commit suicide for not making profits in tobacco sales.

Dowa Police public relations officer Richard Kaponda identified the deceased as Manda-achepa Kandikana Kachipere and the incident took place on the wee hours of Sunday morning, June 24, 2016.

Speaking to News Watch Reviews, Richard Kaponda said the deceased went to kasungu where he was staying since 2015 and he was cultivating tobacco there. After harvesting, he took his bales to the auction to sell them.

“When he took his bales of tobacco to the auction to sell them, unfortunately he did not make any profits from them. The deceased later thought of going back home in Dowa at Kauma village. When he arrived he explained to his relatives what has transpired and his elder brother told him to sleep in his house. The following morning on the wee hours of Sunday July 24, 2016, he was found hanging dead to the roof of his brother’s house with a rope”, said Kaponda.

Dowa Police and medical personnel visited the crime scene and postmortem conducted revealed that death was due to surffocation and the doctors did not suspect any foul play.



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