Malawian Man Commits Suicide After His Wife Denies Him Sex.

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A 33 year old man identified by the Police as Genesis Simkhoza has taken his own life by hanging himself to the roof of his house after his wife denied him of his conjugal right.

According to a Police report made available to this publication by Mchinji Police Publist Kaitano Lubrino stipulates that on August 2, Simkhoza arrived home late at around 1900 hours whilst drunk, a thing which displeased his wife Blandina Kajawa, 29.

“Blandina said that her husband requested to sleep with her as a husband and wife of which she was not pleased. After denying a quarrel broke out between the two, a situation that prompted his wife to leave the house and slept at her parent’s home same night”, said Kaitano.

Inspector Kaitano said because of alcoholic influence, he followed his wife and whilst there he continued using obscene language a thing which increased tension between them.

“Reacting to this, the wife thought it wise to inform the relatives of the deceased over the behaviour her husband had demonstrated”.

“While the wife was still consulting her relatives, Simkhoza went back to his house where it is believed that he willfully damaged and destroyed both windows and doors of his house before hanging himself to the roof”, added Kaitano.

It was too late for Blandina to rescue her husband as by the time the wife came back home she found that Simkhoza had already taken his last breath.

Postmortem conducted by Mchinji District Hospital officials revealed that he died due to strangulation.

The deceased Genesis Simkhoza, 33 hailed from Malindima village in the area of Traditional Authority Simphasi in Mchinji district.

Meanwhile the police is advising the general public to avoid resorting in taking own lives as a remedy for problem solving when one is confronted with tough situations instead share all your grievances with reliable personnel for a proper help.

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