Malawian Man Found Dead In His House With A Condom On His Private Part.

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At 34 year old man identified by the Mzuzu Police as Kondwani Munthali was found dead on Thursday in his house at Chibavi in Mzuzu City.

According to the report available to News Watch Reviews from Mzuzu Police Station, it says that one of the neighbours was surprised to see the door of the deceased’s house wide open for two days. This gave her a suspicion and she entered the house only to find him lying dead in a decomposed state with a condom on his penis.

“We received a report from the neighbour that a man is lying dead in his house, police visited the scene with the medical doctors. We can confirm with you that this incident has indeed happened and we are investigating the surroundings of his death”, said Deputy spokesperson of Mzuzu Police, Cecilia Mfune.

When Police visited the scene together with a medical personnel, they conducted postmortem which revealed that death was due to head injuries, secondary to assault by blues object while on sex act.

According to reports from Chibavi, they indicate that the deceased was staying alone at the house and he was owning a shop at the hardware market in Mzuzu.

Meanwhile Police is investigating the matter and they have insisted that they will leave no stone unturned until the culprits are found.

The deceased hailed from Chakwera Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kilipula in Karonga District.



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