Malawian MP Organises “Naked” Demonstrations Against Ritual Albino Killings..

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Some might think its another launch of a new comedy album of Honourable Bon Kalindo, or another joke from Mr Jokes or Chris Rock, but the reality is, naked demonstrations are taking place in Malawi.

The member of Parliament from Mulanje South, Bon Kalindo, will be holding naked demonstrations to demand the government to impose death penalty on those who have found guilty of killing people living with albinism.

According to the MP, he says the Malawian government has failed to protect the albinos who are being hunted like animals in the country.

“I am not satisfied with the way the government is handling this issue. Albinos are killed like chickens and the government is failing to punish the killers accordingly”, said Kalindo.

The Member of Parliament wants to force the government to use the death penalty law on those who have been found guilty on such cases.

“We surely know that death penalty is one of our laws and this law is not being used simply because of human rights issues and yet our fellow human beings are being killed everyday hence protecting the rights of albino killers and not the victims”, said the MP.

He further said he is doing this for the poor Malawians and not those rich people. His intentions are to push this law so that it should be used in order to protect the remaining Albino family.

“I will walk naked not for the rich but poor Malawians. This battle is for all Albinos and poor Malawians and there is no turning back”, he added.

The demonstrations are scheduled to take place on June 23, 2016 from 7am. Demonstrators will start from Lilongwe Community Centre ground to the Parliament Building where the petition will be read.


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