Malawian School Learners Demonstrates Against Teachers Strike.

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As the teachers are still continuing with their strike, school pupils from different Primary schools in the country have been seen demonstrating in the streets demanding the government to address the issue quickly so that they can go back to school.

News reaching this publication indicates that in some districts pupils have blocked some roads with tree branches and they are demanding MK1000 on every car passing by so that they should pay their teachers to proceed with their normal teaching activities.

Roads blocked in some areas.

It is also alledged that Makata road has been blocked by pupils from Ndirande and HHI primary schools and are throwing stones at any passing vehicle. The same situation is in Blantyre from kandodo to Mbayani stage where learners from Namiwawa, Mbayani and other schools are also protesting hence drivers are scared to pass through these areas.

As it stands now, it looks like the strike which started last week will continue until the government has addressed the issue which has been tabled by the teachers about the leave grants and some arrears which have not been paid up-to date.

Teachers have abandoned most of the schools and some have been shut down because of the failure of the government to address the issue.

According to Teachers Union of Malawi president, Willie Malimba said the government should not expect teachers going back to work soon unless their dues have been fully paid.

Malimba said that the government has failed to address this issue urgently and they have been changing their tune almost everyday and they are worried that the teachers won’t be paid anytime soon.

News Watch Reviews understands that this is the last term in Malawi and students are expected to write their third term exams to go to other grades. This development will affect their school progress.




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