Malawian Young Man Looking For Sponsorship To Pursue His Education

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A 19 year old Malawian young fellow, Weston Anthony Mkwate has approached with a request to be assisted financially to pursue his education at the College of Medicine in Malawi.

Subsequent to getting 10 points in Malawi School Certificate of Education exams (MSCE), the young fellow has one hindrance in front of him to fulfill his fantasies, thats cash for expenses.

Weston's school ID.
Weston’s school ID.

“After graduating from my secondary school at Dedza where I obtained 10 points, I have been selected at school of medicine however I dont have sufficent funds to start learning and I am going to witthdraw on account of not having tution fees. I applied for a grant and they acknowledged it however I am supposed to have half of the tution fees which is MK600000 ($850) per year and I am asking for anyone who can help”, said Weston.

Letter of admission at the college.
Letter of admission at the college.

He said his decision to ask for help has come at a time that his parents are unable to provide all the necessities to pay my fees and buy stationaries to finish his carrier.

Letter from the college.
Letter from the college.

Anyone who can help him to pursue his dreams would be highly appreciated and he can be contacted on +265885340453 or deposit your donation to the College’s account; –

Herewith details of COM account for student sponsorship/support:

Acc name: College of Medicine

National Bank of Malawi

Current Acc #: 697017

Chichiri Branch

Send a scanned copy of the deposit slip/ notification to the Dean of Students on:,


You can copy the Principal at

IMPORTANT: Please remember to indicate the beneficiary (name of student) on the deposit slip.

You should also send a copy to the beneficiary student so that he can know you have supported him.



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