Malawians Arrested In South Africa For Theft

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Two Malawians have been arrested and are answering the charge of theft after they were found in possession of stolen goods worth millions in South Africa.

Local newspapers reported that the Malawians, together with two South Africans, were working as caretakers at Stegma Road Mosque where they were also involved in criminal acts. According to the reports, police received a tip off that the four were keeping stolen goods in their living quarters which were separate from the mosque.

A known criminal led the police to the mosque where they found stolen goods worth over R1 million (K50 million). The items which were found and seized by the police included plasma TVs, power tools, and 21 bicycles that had been stolen over the course of a year.

The four were arrested on the spot and later charged with theft and possession of stolen goods.Meanwhile, the two Malawians have been released on bail and they told the press that they felt “bad” over the whole saga.

The police believe that the suspects were sending the stolen items to Malawi where they were selling them.


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