Malawians Fear For Their Lives When Travelling Through Mozambique

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Tensions between the ruling party, Frelimo and the opposition party, Renamo have increased in Mozambique hence bringing fear to those travelling through this country to South Africa.

Malawians who have gone to look for greener pastures in the rainbow nation, South Africa, have expressed fear with what is happening in Mozambique.


Their fears comes after the  surfacing of the news that oil trucks have been burnt down by militia in Mozambique. Almost four oil trucks have been reported burnt into ashes within a week.

Political groups in Mozambique, Frelimo and Renamo have been engaged in a  civil war since last year after the rival party Frelimo got back into power.

Few months ago, 24 Malawians who were travelling to South Africa were attacked by unknown gunmen in Mozambique and four people were shot dead, while the surviving Malawians returned back home.

Some Malawians who opted to be anonymous spoke to News Watch Reviews that the situation is tense and they don’t know how they are going to pass through Mozambique when going back home if the situation doesn’t change.

“We are scared indeed, we travel through this country when going back home, with these attacks happening makes us feel terrified. I wish this issue was resolved amicably”, they said.

Malawian government has been warning those travelling to South Africa not to use short cut routes to avoid such incidents. Some Malawians have been using Maputo route which is prone to Militia attacks.


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