Malawians Be warned; Scammers And Fraudisters Swindling Malawians Money In The Name Of Promotions.

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Some unsuspecting Malawians have recently been caught up in different scam scandles which have seen them losing money after receiving anonymous calls from scammers.

Infromation sourced by this publication indicates that these fraudisters call Malawians that they have won prizes from different promotions conducted in the country.

These fraudisters have been calling these unsuspecting Malawians that they have won building equipments such as iron sheets, nails, paints and cement. After receiving these calls they are told to call back and get details of how to collect the specified stuff. But it has come to lime light that before the collection these people do order the victims to deposit some money to make transport arrangements and after doing that they disappear.

Alot of warning messages have been circulated by welwishers to the would be victims so that they should be aware of the situation when it comes their way.

In a recent development, it looks like they have changed the tune after some Malawians have discovered their tricks and now they have started using another trick to which will enable them to swindle money from Malawians.

This publication understands that now they have started making phone calls claiming that they are from mobile Service provider and they ask the mobile user to shutdown the phone for 2 hours for 3G update to take place.

According to our sources, after switching off your phone, they call your relatives and tell them to deposit some amount of money into their accounts so that they should release you. This system works as if the mobile user has been kidnapped hence putting the family members under pressure to deposit the money quickly before the the two hour mark has elapsed.

During this so called 3G update time, relatives will try to call the victim and possibly they will not find them since the phone is off and this will give them an approval that their child has been kidnapped and inturn they will go and deposit the agreed amount to release their relative.

This is an eye opener to those would be victims of these fraudulent actions that when they receive such calls they should not adhere but refrain from any of their tricks to avoid losing their hard work earned money.

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