Malawi:Circumcision and blood donation not cultural acceptable among the ngoni people

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The campaign to promote male circumcision has met great resistance for the mostly parts of Mzimba district. This is because the cultural norm in the district is much rooted in ngoni beliefs that to cut one’s fore skin is regarded as one way of barring oneself from bearing children.

The district which has considerable group of young makhosi including Inkosi ya makhosi Mbelwa V is taking a liberal approach to some of the much cemented values. The makhosi who are both educated and well enlightened on world affairs are even in the forefront helping such causes of donation of blood and male circumcision as a bad thing to one’s health. Inkosi Mwabilabo a former civil servant said it is just lack of resource mobilization ¬†otherwise his area is open to such services.

“order and proper implementation of the program,for example the people operating the circumcision should be qualified personnel,rather than every Jim and Jack. “And it will be important that the district hospital and organization working in the district should have proper data sharing this time to check on the progress.” The program which is now being sponsored by the National Aids Commission (NAC) is seen as a measure to reduce HIV/AIDS in the district. Cultural beliefs is a major factor stopping people to donate blood freely, let alone get the free circumcision in the district struggling to provide ART services to patients.”

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