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The Mzuzu Chief Resident Magistrate court has today the 25 th April 2016,found the primary school teacher who was arrested for allegedly defiling his 14 year old pupil with a case to answer.The incident occurred during the month of December 2014 at Chamalaza FP School in Nkhata bay district where the girl was safe boarding.

According to the girl, she was inside the house soon after taking her bath when she was called by the teacher through the window.She went into the teacher’s house forgetting to put on her under wear since she was just coming from bathroom.To her surprise,the teacher closed the main door and had unlawful carnal knowledge with her.He threatened her never to reveal this to anyone or else she will be killed.

The victim remained quite until on 10 July 2015 when she felt serious pains and and developed sores on her private part.Then her mother advised her to go to mzuzu central hospital.After medical examination the doctor told her that she had sexual transmitted infection.She narrated the whole story to her mother and the matter was reported to Luwinga Police Unit where they arrested the suspect.

Appearing in court he pleaded not guilty.Representing the state, State Prosecutor Sub Inspector Lyson Fred Kachikondo paraded eight witnesses together with medical results.

In his ruling Chief Resident Magistrate Texas Masoamphambe found the accused with a case to answer.He has adjourned the case to 27th April 2016 where the accused is expected to defend himself.

Defilement case is contrary to sec 138 of the Penal Code and it attracts a maximum penalty of life imprisonment however the sentence varies according to the presiding magistrate.

The accused Albert Zunda 49 years of age, hails from Chitungulu village,T/A Katumbi in Rumphi district.

Cecilia Mfune
Deputy Public Relations Officer.
Mzuzu Police Station

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