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A 10yr old girl Maria Banda has survived a crocodile attack in what could have been a brutal death in Nkhatabay district.

According to information sourced from the girl’s mother Mrs Maria Mwale, on 04/05/2016 the young girl and her friends went to Nkhungwi river to swim.

As the girl and her friends were enjoying themselves in the water, suddenly a crocodile attacked her. Her friends shouted for help and in no time people came and fought with the beast to rescue the young girl.

The people’s efforts paid dividends as they finally managed to rescue her from the crocodile. Due to the attack, the girl sustained cut wounds on several parts of her body including on her private parts.

The victim was rushed to Nkhatabay District Hospital where she is currently being admitted.

The victim comes from Mphongolo village in TA Fukamapiri in Nkhatabay district.

Meanwhile, police in the district are appealing to parents never to allow their children to go to rivers especially those that are prone to crocodiles so that incidents similar to the one in question, may be avoided.

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