Malawi:Malawi to Migrate Hundreds of Elephants

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Malawi is migrating several elephants because of congestion in the parks.

The elephants are being moved to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve in the focal part of the Southern African nation.

This is the biggest ever migration of elephants in Africa.

Elvis Kamoto, parks director, Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve says, “Clearly there will be a major appreciation for tourism. Along these lines, that is the thing that African Parks is taking a stab at, to have parks that are practical, parks that are sufficiently alluring to visitors additionally stops that appropriately secure biodiversity.”

The movement of the group is being driven by African Parks, a non-benefit preservation association. This move will help end a precarious decrease in elephant numbers with new reconnaissance and efforts to establish safety.

Officially, 136 elephants have been moved to the store. The elephant movement will happen over a time of one year.

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