Malawi:Mum Arrested for Dumping a Baby in Toilet

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Malawi Police in Lilongwe  have arrested woman who dumped her newly born baby in a toilet.

It is alleged that she dumped the baby in a toilet for fear of her husband who is based in South Africa since 2012.

According to reports Mercy Ali, 26, allegedly got involved in an extra-marital affair with another man, resulting in her falling pregnant.

It is said she managed to conceal her pregnancy until she gave birth to a baby girl on April 30.

Ali then decided to throw the baby in the toilet as she feared her husband, who  is living in South Africa.

The incident came to light after a neighbour heard the baby crying in the toilet.

The baby was taken to a nearby hospital where she was said to be recovering.

The mother would face charges of concealing her baby, in contravention of section 232 of the Malawi’s penal code.

Cases of dumping babies in Malawi are very common because many husbands are living outside the country like South Africa leaving their wives in Malawi alone.

Mercy will appear in court soon on ttempted murder charge.

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