Malawi:Negligence is stalling development in Malawi

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The recent visit to the new unfinished,but almost done state of the art stadium by vice president Saulos Chilima has reviewed another side of negligence by the authorities when undertaking different developmental projects.

The V.P sole purpose of his visit was to urge the ministry of sports,youth and culture to speed up the opening of the stadium which is in its final stages.

The magnificent construction is another open hand fruits by Chinese in Africa.

Next to the presidential villas,Umodzi park and the Bingu conference center(BICC),the capital city of Malawi now means business.

However before the inauguration of this orient genorosity,News of people stealing equipment and other essential stadium materials such as ‘chairs’, have raised eyebrows of many patriotic Malawians.

And when billboards testisfying the state president message of hardwork,intergrity,and patriotism stand a walk away from the stadium.

The question circulating in the media is who to blame?

As security officials are always at the facility,including security flood lights adding to that.

The problem as analyst points out is government’s lack of will and negligence that are stalling developmental projects.

Whether Malawi is able to manage such a facility in the next coming years is yet to be seen.

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