Malema Faces Arrest For Promoting Land Grabs In South Africa.

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The Economic Freedom Fighter leader (EFF), Julius Malema faces two charges relating to land grabs after telling black people to take the land as it belongs to them.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has charged EFF leader Julius Malema for contravening the Riotous Assemblies Act through his calls to illegally occupy land in South Africa.

The first charge is based on comments made by Malema in 2014, when he told supporters that they should occupy lands in their respective branches

“We are going to occupy the unoccupied land because we need the land. For us to eat‚ we must have the land. For us to work‚ we must have the land,” he said.

Malema said when white people came to South Africa, they found black people there, they didn’t bring the land with them, therefore they have to occupy it.

“I come from Seshego. If there is unoccupied land‚ we will go and occupy the land with my branch. You must go and do the same in the branch where you come from.”

The second charge relates to comments made in June 2016, in which he said that white people cannot hold any claim to land in South Africa, and that black people should not be ashamed of occupying the land illegally.

“So, if you see a piece of land and you like it, don’t apologise, go and occupy that land. That land belongs to us,” he told supporters

He added, “If we say that South Africa belongs to whites too it means we are defeating what our forefathers were fighting for,” he said.

Land grabs in South Africa has been on the dialogue for a quiet sometime now but the solution has not been found. The government has tried to address the land issue which it says the land belongs to everyone who lives on it.

But according to Malema, he has cindemned this statement citing that ANC has failed the black people in South Africa by failing to take their grievances seriously.



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