Man Bites Off A Piece Of Sangoma’s Tongue

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A CROSS-DRESSING inyanga lost a piece of his tongue when his partner bit it off in anger after discovering that he was a man.

The suspected gay man, Meluleki Moyo (28) of Mathole village in Tsholotsho District, is a known practicing traditional healer.

His partner, Bheki Luphahla of Mbute Line in the same district, whom he had recently met at a bar, allegedly got angry after patrons told him the person he had been kissing was a man.

The incident occurred at a bar at Tsholotsho Business Centre in the wee hours of Monday morning.

A witness who was drinking at the bar said Luphahla approached Moyo who has female mannerisms and dresses like a woman.

“Something brewed between the two as they were seen sharing beer and kissing.

“We all know Meluleki is a man who behaves and dresses like a woman but as for Bheki, we don’t know what got into him. We thought he had had too much beer when we saw him getting too close to the suspected gay man.”

“Later, we saw the two getting cosy and as if that wasn’t enough, we saw them kissing passionately,” said the source.

Another source said Moyo frequents the bar and is known for his gay tendencies.

“Someone who doesn’t know the traditional healer very well would mistake him for a woman. Having had one too many, Luphahla mistook Moyo for a woman and the two got cosy.

“When Luphahla returned to his friends they laughed at him and teased him for kissing another man.”

The source said Luphahla blew his top and threatened to deal with the inyanga.

“Luphahla told us he wanted to beat the gay behaviour out of him. He immediately approached Moyo and pretended to be continuing what they had started earlier.

“The two resumed kissing and touching and suddenly we heard Moyo screaming. Blood was oozing from his mouth. Luphahla had bitten off the tip of his tongue,” he said.

Moyo was rushed to Tsholotsho District Hospital where he is admitted and Luphahla was arrested.

Moyo told nurses that he accidentally bit off his tongue when he stumbled and fell.

Luphahla was supposed to appear in court yesterday but the matter was postponed to a later date because Moyo’s medical records were not available.

Source: Chronicle

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