Man Decapitates A Man Accused Of Raping Girl Friend

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Minnesota man killed and decapitated another man after his girlfriend had told him that the man had raped her, authorities say.

Joseph Thoresen, 35, allegedly attacked David Haiman with a baseball bat and stabbed him in the back and stomach.

Thoresen then decapitated the 20-year-old Haiman with a machete and threw his head in the woods, according to the criminal complaint.

The vicious attack took place along a road near the Ball Club area. Authorities found Haiman’s torso and head on Sunday morning.
Thoresen’s girlfriend told authorities he was upset when she told him Haiman had attacked her in the couple’s apartment.

Charged with second-degree murder, Thoresen appeared in court on Wednesday. Bail was set at $2 million.

Thoresen said he did not have any contact with Haiman for the last several weeks, but cellphone records indicated otherwise, according to the Star Tribune.

Thoresen’s girlfriend confronted Haiman in front of Thoresen in their apartment on June 21 or 22, according to the newspaper. She punched and kicked Haiman, and Thoresen also punched him, telling him he should not have raped “my girl,” according to the Star Tribune.

The three of them left in Haiman’s vehicle and smoked marijuana with others and then smoked meth with a pal, the paper reported.

Later, Thoresen attacked Haiman and beheaded him. Thoresen had taken the machete from Haiman’s belt, according to the paper.


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