Man Found Dead In River Medway

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Police are still trying to find the identity of a man found dead in the river Medway.

Emergency services pulled a body from the water using a cradle near the staples car park at Sun Pier in Chatham around 9pm Wednesday night.

A passing by resident called 999 after seeing the body in the mud below the river. The emergency teem took about 45 minutes to recover the body and remained at the scene for 6 hours, trying to gather evidence.

“I was working somewhere near the place where the incident happened, then I saw the police so I went near them to see what was happening, that’s when I saw them pulling the body up in a cradle.” One of the man who was at the scene when the body was pulled out of the river said.

The cause of the death is currently unexplained and a man arrested as the murder suspect has been released without charge.

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