Man Has His Hand And Foot Amputated By ISIS

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ISIS  has released another set of horrific images in which a suspected thief is bandaged up after having his hand and foot cut off.

Islamic State sympathisers who shared the grotesque images online claim the man was a ‘highway robber’.
This latest display of cruelty comes just one day after the terror group shared pictures of four married men accused of adultery being stoned to death in shocking fashion.



The series of images begins with a bearded jihadi announcing details of the man’s ‘charges’ to a baying audience, some of whom are carrying AK-47s
The blindfolded-suspect is placed on a small plastic chair, flanked by some of the armed militia, before his right hand and left foot are cut off.
After undergoing the sickening ordeal, the man has his wounds bandaged up by two men wearing white medical gloves.

He is then left lying on a stretcher, eyes still covered, for everyone to see – a reminder to onlookers about the terror group’s unrelenting brutality.
In Islam, a ‘Hadd’ is a fixed punishment in the Koran for crimes considered to be against God,’ according to Oxford Islamic Studies.

ISIS militants are also reported to have cruelly lashed three men 70 times before tying them to crosses for ‘breaking Ramadan’. This followed hours of being locked up in cages like animals.

Two people from the ISIS-held town of Mayadin were reportedly tied onto crosses outside the police station in the eastern Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, while another is said to have received the same horrific treatment in the nearby town of Bukamal, according to Justice for Life Observatory.
The extremist group had found all three guilty of eating and drinking during daylight hours.
During Ramadan last year, Isis ruthlessly caged and crucified 94 people, including five children, after they were caught breaking their fast.

The group has previously shared a full list of ‘crime and punishment’ for carrying out crimes in its territory and it states that those who commit theft will have their hands chopped off.
Those guilty of ‘highway robbery’ face crucifixion and offences such as drinking wine or ‘calumny’ – making slanderous comments – each attract the punishment of 80 lashes.
Homosexuality is also to be punished by ‘death for the penetrator and the receiver’.


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