Man Killed And Robbed Two Teens

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“Jeffrey Hazelwood from Georgia is accused of murdering two teenagers whose bodies were later found behind a publix grocery store near Atlanta. He robbed his victims after shooting them.” The police said on Wednesday.

Hazelwood has been charged with murder and theft but his motive is still unknown.

Hazelwood’s victims were identified as Natalie Harderson and Carter Davis, both at the age of 17.

It is said that Hazelwood took the girl’s wallet and the boy’s car jumper cables after shooting them both on the head and a surveillance video shows that Hazelwood used Harderson’s debit card shortly after killing them.

“Hazelwood just never seemed normal at all,” said Julio Avendao a former classmate.

Hazelwood also behaved strangely in court. In his appearance following the murder, he mumbled to himself and pet an imaginary animal.

Lawrence Zimmerman, the Atlanta  criminal Justice atoney is defending him.

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